We Build Your Business Website At NO ADDITIONAL COST

If You Acquire Your Domain For Your Business From Here

Get A Domain. Get A Website AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Don’t wait. Grab a Premium Domain for your business before your competitors do so. Don’t worry if you do not know how to create a website. If you acquire a domain from here, we offer to build a website for you at no additional cost. We have made it simple. But you have to act fast. Premium Domains are RARE. A Premium Domain will make you a leader in your industry. Just follow these steps and you will thank us later.

Step 1: Find Your Domain

Step 2: Tell Us Which Domain You Want

Step 3: Transfer Domain Ownership

Step 4: Set Up Web Hosting

Step 5: Let's Work Together

Step 6: It's All Yours

Follow These Steps…


Step 1: Find Your Domain

We may have a Premium Domain for your business here >>> www.im.sg

Step 2: Tell Us Which Domain You Want

The internet is still the most efficient way to acquire new customers.

If you are thinking of building a brand (something every business owner dreams of), then owning an easy-to-remember premium domain name might be the best decision you’ll ever make for your business. It helps your business stand out in a crowded market and solidify your web presence!

View our list of Premium Domains here

Your domain name is an extension of your business and your image. It is the way your customers find and remember you. Your business becomes visible when someone searches for your services online, brings more new customers through your doors, increases your sales, generates more money for you.

However . . .

All domains are not created equal.

“Your domain name is your potential client’s first point of entry…
A client or customer should be able to tell what kind of business you do by viewing your domain!”
~ Rosslyn Tebbutt

Click Here >>> Tell Us Which Domain You Are Interested In Taking Ownership

Step 3: Transfer Domain Ownership

If you are new in buying domains, then we will suggest you open an account with Godaddy (a domain registrar). The reason is because most of our domains are with Godaddy. It will be super fast to  transfer the domain ownership from one Godaddy account to another Godaddy account.

If you prefer to have a different registrar, we will provide you with necessary information your registrar will need for your smooth transfer.

Step 4: Set Up Web Hosting

If you are new in website hosting, then we will suggest you open an account with Vodien Hosting. We have hosted many of our and our clients websites with Vodien. Their service is reliable and excellent.

If you prefer to have a different hosting provider, we will start building your site once you have all the information from your hosting company.

Step 5: Let's Work Together

After you have acquired and hosted your domain, it’s time we work together to build your website* for your business. We can’t do it alone without your information about your products and services. You could make use of this opportunity to showcase your other credentials, too. Unlike a business namecard, a website gives you unlimited space to share what you can offer to your potential and current customers.

Note: We create your website as specified in * Website 328 Package

Step 6: It's All Yours

Imagine How Your Competitors Will Envy You Owning This Unique Domain

Your website is up. It’s live and functional. But you should not stop here. Get creative about your marketing and advertising. Make your business seen and found easily – online and offline. Your customers will remember you with this keyword domain that you just created simply because it is so easy to remember.

We look forward to working with you on how to promote your website on the Internet.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

We offer you a rare opportunity to acquire a Premium Domain for your business. If you do not have a website now, then you should move fast before your competitors do so. Don’t worry that you do not know how to create a website, we are here to help you – FREE (if you acquire a domain from the list here. However, if you currently have a business website, take this opportunity to solidify your presence – both online and offline – by building a brand name with a keyword-rich and easy-to-remember domain name.

Some Questions You May Have

Why Are We Selling All These Domains?

We acquired these domains when we started our business back in 2010. Through these years, we have built a few successful businesses with these Premium Domains. With limited resources, we decided to continue building on our current businesses. Therefore, we are very willing to let go the remaining domains we own to someone who is fit to build their business on these domains.

Why Are We Selling These Domains At Such A Low Price?

We have ‘lost’ (given up) quite a number of good domains (due to our limited resources to continue putting them in good use) in past few years. Immediately, we noticed Domain Brokers are fast to capture them and put them back in the open market at a VERY high price tag. We are talking about 4-figure USD!

We are letting go of many of our premium domains here. We price them so low for the following reasons:

  1. Many local businesses do not have a website simply because they don’t know the benefits of having a website.
  2. Some of these businesses wants to have a website they can call their own. But after getting quotes from website developers, the fees to get a website set up scared them.
  3. More and more local enterprises already realised the value of a Premium Domain. But every domain is unique. When someone owns it, you just can’t get it anymore (ESPECIALLY a “.com (dot com)” domain.
  4. We want to help local businesses to kickstart a new venture, or to grow their existing business to a higher level with the help of a website by offering an affordable way to own a premium domain with a fully functional website built on it.
Is There Any Other Hidden Costs?

There is NO hidden cost for transferring ownership of a domain. Once we receive your payment for the price we are asking for, the transfer could be almost instant (if you are using Godaddy as your domain registrar). Other than the yearly renewal fee (of the domain), your other possible costs would be your website hosting and other third parties’ services (optional).

What Can You Do With A Premium Domain

Build A Brand. Be A Leader

It's An Asset That Holds Value

Get More Customers. Increase Profits

Grab Your Premium Business Domain Before It's Gone Forever!

Premium Domains are RARE. We may have what you want. But you have to act fast before someone else does. Once you own it, no one else can. Making a decision to own a premium domain could be your wisest thing you ever do for your business. Let us help you.