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About Us, founded in 2019 by two like-minded Internet Entrepreneurs, aims to collate local SMEs under Lifestyle Singapore directory, for the benefit of the public or end users. We support local businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. We provide online and offline advertising and marketing services to create value and maximum exposure to all SMEs and every aspiring entrepreneurs with our proven formula.

If you are a local business selling products or providing services, we sincerely want to help you grow your customers base.

After years of experience within the Internet business environment, especially in Local Marketing – from building successful websites to conducting online marketing courses for local SMEs – we realised that most products and services provided by SMEs fall under a broad lifestyle-related umbrella. In fact, most of what you and we own, use or are in search of, are related to a certain ‘lifestyle’ category.

This gave rise to the idea of grouping as many as possible such lifestyle products and services into one singular online directory.

By listing these SMEs under, we commit to promote and boost exposure for all involved businesses through both online and offline marketing and promotion island-wide, with the aim of making a go-to household name that serves most of us in Singapore.

For Any Business To Grow Business, Advertising Is Almost A MUST

To further help local businesses to capture the attention of their audience in more targeted ways, we create advertising campaigns for them to stand out of the crowd. Our search engine advertising services allow these SMEs to get in front of their potential customers in the Search Engine Results Page, or SERP. In short, we want to provide our clients with not only more leads, but better quality leads, from as many possible ways as possible according to their needs.

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