Marketing Singapore, Advertising, Printing, eCommerce, Social Media MarketingPrinting started in the early era where human beings started to print out their words on woodblocks as a means to record their works. Ever since then, printing has evolved definitely and has become one of the common ways to bring about awareness of one’s branding.

Printing has become a large industry where we see prints all over our daily life and where printing has turned into a powerful way to bring about knowledge and awareness to the masses. Just look at your surroundings. We are surrounded by posters which inform us of the current fashion trend or latest news. People walk around with t-shirts that carry certain messages. We receive flyers and magazines in our letter boxes where companies are trying to bring our attention to their latest product. Even with the advancements of technology where many people are turning to ebooks and online manuals, the printing industry is still growing worldwide every year.

Modern large scale printing is usually done using a printing press while printing with small quantities can be done easily with a digital printer. Though paper is used commonly in printing, we have printing done on other materials such as cloth, plastics and metals as well.

In the last decade, even though the internet has become a popular tool to facilitate communication of information and ideas, printing is still not made redundant. In fact it is still growing due to the fact that customers still appreciate getting a physical catalogue in the mail where they can take their time to flip through the pages, bookmark it or circle up the item they are keen on. There is also the personal touch of
getting a nice printed card with a well written message than getting just an e-card.

To keep up with the advancements in technology, printers nowadays have expanded their business to become a one-stop solution where they include many value-added services from doing up the artwork to assigning the most affordable methods for printing to even arranging for product distribution. Digital media is also playing an increasing role in the printing industry where more and more new technologies are being adopted to keep up with the global trend.

Many companies have come up with innovative ways to also utilize the online social media to drive their printing business. We can now see many printing companies operating their business model online. With their online website, their customers can reach them at all times and at any locations. One no longer needs to visit a printer in order to print their name cards or t-shirts. You can access the website to make an order, to insert your logo or design or do any changes just with few clicks of your mouse.