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Singapore Domains For Sale

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Singapore Business Domains For Sale

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Why Do You Need A Local Business Domain?

Before You Have a Website of Your Own,
You Need a Domain Name (Website Name)
(Not Just a Domain Name, But a GOOD DOMAIN NAME)


Everyone Wants A Good Website Name
But Only The Fastest Guy Will Get It



Unfortunately, Things Have Changed . . .

Many years back, businesses loved to buy domains that were the same as their business names. For example: Yeo Yeo Huat Pte Ltd would get or if it’s a local business,

In recent years, people have realized that domain names like this fail to tell what business they are in (what product or service they are selling). No one, except your own customers, knows what is “yeo yeo huat”. When anyone wants to look for some kind of products or services, they search online using KEYWORD. Your potential customers will want to know FAST what you are doing than to guess by looking at your domain (website name).

In this case, let’s say Yeo Yeo Huat is providing Dog Training, a website name like

is definitely a BETTER name than (‘Dog Training’ is a highly searched keyword)



The Bad News

You Can’t Get Most of the KEYWORD.COM Domains


The whole world (billions of netizens) is searching for the ideal (keyword) DOT COM domains!

Don’t believe? Go to Vodien Hosting and do a check for yourself – type in your industry keyword, select [ .com].

NOTE 1:  DOT COM is still the BEST domain name you should get.


“So What Is The Next Best Domain?” If You May Ask.

If you are a local business owner, i.e. your customers are mainly located in Singapore, then these are the ‘SECOND BEST’ domains:


1.) ‘’ (and its ‘sister’ – ‘.sg’)
e.g. ‘’ (or ‘’)

e.g. ‘’


NOTE 2:  It’s becoming a trend. Nowadays, more people (in Singapore) tend to search for ‘KEYWORD’ with a ‘Singapore’ behind. In online marketing, the ‘Singapore’ is called a ‘search modifier’ (it modifies your search results to be more Singapore-oriented. i.e. more accurate and useful results).

NOTE 3:  Branding takes time, effort and money. It takes almost NO EFFORT for your potential customers to recognise what you do and to remember your (Keyword) That is BRANDING!




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  • a website that consists your company logo, slogan, photos, certificates, awards, graphics, videos, etc
  • Free hosting for one year
  • Free advertising slot in
  • Free car bumper stickers (maximum 5 nos) bearing this website name for your company’s vehicles, etc
  • Free decal (maximum 5 nos) bearing this website name for your company premises
  • Posting of 2 articles on your website every month at no cost for 12 months
  • Free update/maintenance of this website (maximum 2 pages a month)
  • . . . and many more (terms and conditions are negotiable)


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