Who Needs a Website?

Everyone! Anyone!

If you have a business, you MUST have a website.

Nowadays, most of your customers and potential customers are using Internet to look for things they want.

If you cannot be found online, you are leaving money on the table.

Even you may argue that you business model does not require a website to bring in customers (I presume your customers are all walk-in), you still can make use of a website to keep your customers, to showcase what you have got to offer, to do a promotion campaign, etc. The possibilities are plenty.

What Happen If You DON’T Have a Website?

Quickly Get a Website!

If you have a business, brand your business.

If you don’t do business, brand yourself (your name). Set up a website YOURNAME.COM . You can use it for future use (just in case you are a ‘somebody’ one day.) You can use it now to tell the whole world (remember www stands for World Wide Web) WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT, WHAT YOU CAN OFFER (for profits or for charity), etc.

That is why more and more netizens today are using THEIRNAME.COM to put up a blog. They blog about almost anything (so much so that their parents or spouse get to know them better by reading their blogs. 🙂

Think about it.

A website can be your most valuable asset in socialising or in business.

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