“Why Build A Brand When You Can Buy One?”

It takes years to build a brand. If you have the capital, buying an existing brand is in most cases a wise business decision. That explains why businesses are paying billions of dollars in acquiring a well-known brand to expand their market share.

However, in reality, money just can’t buy everything. Not all brands are for sale.

But what happens if I tell you that you can RENT A BRAND?

If all these sound new to you, let us explain.

Business is tough. That we all know it.

To stay afloat you have to have as much exposure as possible. And ONE OF THE BEST ways to have maximum exposure is to GO ONLINE.

We are already seeing more businesses – not only the medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), even the small to micro enterprises (also SMEs) – setting aside bigger budget to set up business websites hopefully to bring in more customers.  

Businesses Are Spending Money To Set Up Business Web
What They Actually Want Is Web Business

There is a myth that online/cyber world provides a level playing field for both BIG and SMALL business.

In reality, the BIG BRANDS own the majority share of the market.

If you are small, and you do not own a brand, then the next thing possible is to own a NICHE.  

What Is a NICHE, and How To Own One?

We love to use the following example to illustrate this.

Do a simple text on your friends now:

Ask them if they have heard of ‘kokusai security’. I bet that out of 100 people you ask, less than 5 will give you a positive answer.

But if you ask them if they have heard of ‘Catch Cheating Spouse’…

8 out of 10 will answer yes, yes, yes…

‘kokusai’ does not own a ‘brand’ (yet), but they through smart marketing campaign on the taxis, they now own a NICHE.  

The Next Question: What Happen If You Don’t Own a NICHE?

You RENT One.

Our company owns several hundred exact-match domains, which are built up and ready to promote businesses.

Getting your company on the internet and right into search engine results will take undiscovered and/or new companies a lot of money, time and effort. Thankfully, our business solutions will not wipe out your marketing budget!

With our business package . . .

  • Use of a suitable & relevant domain
  • Easy to navigate website
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content updates
  • Basic maintenance
  • Optional add-ons

The following businesses are already doing it:

… more are joining the list in Friends of Advertising Singapore

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